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Conway Kennels is located on 80 acres of rolling pasture land with ponds and fields that were designed solely for the purpose of training dogs.

The kennels are housed in a large building that can be opened up during daylight hours and closed at nighttime. The kennel runs are concrete and each individual run has a dogaloo dog house.

With 80 acres, board dogs that are on exercise have plenty of room to run and work out either in the fields or swimming in the ponds.

There is someone here twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. We live on the premises and your pets are never without supervision.

Remember, we are open 8am to 8pm everyday for your convenience.



The kennels are large and the kennel building is covered and can be opened up during daylight hours and closed up at night. The kennel runs are concrete and each have a dogaloo dog house.

During the colder times of the year we have overhead infrared heat to keep the kennels warm and comfortable.

Cats are housed in a separate room and are kept in individual cages. Very small dogs can also be kept in the same area.


We believe that while being trained it is important that dogs have large comfortable crates to ride in and enough room to spread out and rest after being worked. While being trained on or off the property, at Conway Kennels your pet will be transported in the best and most up-to-date dog hauling trucks.

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